Saturday, September 30, 2006


Ahh, the crisp fall air...the sweet smell of apple cider...freshly sharpened pencils and new notebooks........I think these could be some of my favorite things.
I love summer and every last ounce of sunshine I can squeeze out of it, but then comes the slow settling of all things wild. The moment when you first notice the gentle nip in the evening air which makes you think of your favorite sweater, thoughts of warm hot chocolate and curling up with a good book. I so appreciate this calming season. God must have known I needed it placed just before the sometimes harrying holidays. A softening of the rough and rugged summer air. A reflective time to sit and revisit great memories we made that year. It seems the world expels a collective sigh before resigning to winter and its all too often chaotic holiday season.
Pardon me as I take another deep breath of that particular sleepiness the trees seem bound I watch the sway of another crimson leaf as it floats effortlessly to the I brew a pot of Earl Grey tea and gather my favorite sweater about me again...............and beseech autumn to linger a bit longer.