Saturday, August 30, 2008

Little Hummer...........aka the Peanut

We recently had the joy of Grandpa George's company. He was in town to do a wedding and got to hang out here with all of us for a few days. While he was here, he proudly presented us with a guitar he nicknamed "Little Hummer". (Originally, it was called the peanut, but since that is also the name of our dog he decided to change it)

Check it out:

Zeb's Joke...

A couple nights ago, as we were sitting around the dinner table talking after the meal, Little Mister decided to share a few jokes with us:

him: "Why did the cow cross the road?"
us: "I don't know. Why?"
him: "To get to the grass. That side has the grass. This side only has dirt and cows don't eat dirt!"

him: "Why did the sheep cross the road?"
us: "I don't know. Why?"
him: "To get to the pig-cub!" (he meant baby pig.......BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

We laughed so hard we nearly peed our pants and he was SO proud!
Pig-cub! He's so darn cute!

A Dozen Years....

Big Daddy and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on August 21st this year. Wow! A dozen years already. Sometimes it seems like we are still newlyweds.......and other times it seems like we have been together all our lives.

This year we kept it simple and went out to dinner right here in Harrisburg at Air Thai Cuisine. The food was FANTASTIC! We were both very impressed. The restaurant is owned by a local family who are actually from Thailand. We HIGHLY recommend the place to everyone we can.

Well, on with another year. We are planning a big excursion for our 20th anniversary......maybe a cruise or some over seas travel???? We'll see what comes of that. For now, we are content to keep on keeping on right beside each other.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer Fun...

Well, it sure has been a smoking hot summer here for the last week or so at least. Upwards of 100 degrees most days. (Tomorrow is thankfully only supposed to get to about 89!)

I have been busy baking (yes, I had my oven on in 100+ weather....UUGGGHHHHHH!!!), frosting, and packaging ...individually... 300 "W" shaped sugar cookies for a wedding that's happening tomorrow evening, so needless to say I have been very busy this past week.

Our summer is flying by at a rapid pace and is about to come to an end with the beginning of school right around the corner. I love everything about summer, but to be honest, I am looking forward to the slower fall pace and the changing of the seasons.

When I take a second to look back at what we've been doing all summer it is staggering:

In the end of June we moved into our house. In the beginning of July we sent Mr. Meticulous off to Alaska to visit Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Christy and Uncle Joseph for 2 weeks. We hosted a big fat 4th of July party in our new house with 30 people. We flew Celeste up from Colorado Springs for a visit in mid July. While she was here, we went to the rock slide 3 or 4 times, had BBQs at Shotgun Creek with all our friends and drove up to Portland to go to Oaks Park Amusement Park. We sent Mr. Meticulous off to scout camp at Camp Hahobas in Washington for the last week in July and we sent Princess B off on her very first camp trip with the Kids Life group from church. We are on the worship team at church 4 times this month (which means we are at the church from 3:45p-9p on Saturday night and from 7:30a-12pm on Sunday morning), we are hosting life-group at our house at least once, celebrated Big Daddy's 35th b-day with a BBQ and are soon to celebrate our 12th anniversary. We've been back up to Oaks Park one more time with all our clan of friends. Monday there is a possible trip to the zoo in order and in a few days we get to see Grandpa George when he comes down for a visit. We will get to go to the State Fair right after that which the kids have been working really hard and saving up for for a long time. We have a belated 80's party in the works for the second weekend in September and school begins. WOW! No wonder I'm so tired! (This, of course, doesn't count all the misc. appts for doctors and vets and Big Daddy's leg infection and any other running around I may have done.)

I am planning on updating the blog as soon as I have a second to slow down to breathe a little. I finally found the video camera so I can upload Chicky-babe's recital and I will post some pictures as soon as I can.

For now, I am beat so I think I will turn in for the night. Love to you all.