Monday, September 28, 2009

Taking a Stand for Jesus...

Yesterday was a wonderful day in this Miller's house.  Sweetpea became a member of "God's Krew", a ministry team of kiddos in the 1st-5th grade class. She also made the choice to stand up for Jesus and get water baptized at church! Pastor Anthony is the one in the tank with her and Pastor Elton, the children's pastor at church, is the one praying for her. Afterward, she went back to her classroom and some of the Kids' Life staff prayed over all the kids who were baptized. Pastor Elton said when he saw Sweetpea he saw a 4x8 sheet of thick steel. The kind used to fabricate something strong. There was a strength in her and if she allowed God to mould her, or fabricate her, into what He wanted it would be something of great strength. She can be strong-willed at times, but that strength would be great if it was surrendered to God. He also prayed over her voice; that it would be dedicated to Him and would be a tool to draw people to God.
A wonderful night! Check out some pics I managed to get of all the action:

her ID badge for her new ministry

Pastor Brad holding the mic for Pastor Anthony while he asks Sweetpea if she accepts the Lord as her personal Savior

a new man........or girl in this case

Pastor Elton praying for her

Incidentally, the water is usually nice and warm in the baptismal due to our kind Pastors adding a heater. Tonight, however, it was particularly chilly as the heater's element had gone out during the day and no one noticed. It made me wonder about the temperature of the Jordan River that Jesus was baptized in. Wonder if it was cold as well....................

Yay, Chickybabe!

Hooray! Chicky's 2nd game was better. They actually won one of the matches against Monroe! Here are some better pictures than the first game's.

Chickybabe getting ready to match up at the net against her pal, Rose, from church. Fun!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Go Eagles!

Chickybabe has decided to try her hand at volleyball this year as Harrisburg doesn't offer her beloved soccer. (Lack of coaches or interest from the students) I've been suggesting she try volleyball for a couple years now because I had a feeling that she would really like it if she would just try it. And she does.

Practicing hard since the day before school started, she is steadily getting better and better. The coaches have been working with the girls and evaluating them to see which teams they would be on (A or B- with A being like varsity and B as JV). Chicky had to perform or try out and get scored on her skills last week and found out she barely missed making it to A team. She was disappointed in the results (because all of her fellow 8th grade buddies made it to A team), but after a good cry, a talk with the coaches who said if she showed enough improvement they would consider bumping her to A team and talk with me, she seems to have come to grips with the decision.

She had her first game of the season last night against the Cottage Grove Tigers. Though the B team didn't win, it wasn't for lack of trying. She worked very hard and did a wonderful job of giving it her all. A few great serves and really nice saves later, she says to me "I think that was the best I've ever played. I hope the coaches see that too, but I also think I could be a really great help to the B team, so I'm ok if they don't move me up." *sigh* Maturity peeking it's head.

Here's some shots I snapped of her in action:

appointed team captain for first game :)

the mighty Miller's serve

"YES!"  nice point, Chicky!

 a little team chat mid-game

I apologize for the blurriness of my picture taking abilities. I will have 7 more games to figure it out :)  Hopefully, the next set of pics will be much better.