Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Trip to Uncle Tom's Farm...

On the Farm
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A Big Time in the Old Town.....

Well, we recently had the pleasure of having most of our other immediate Miller family members decend upon us at the same time! George and Marty flew in from Ketchikan, AK and John and Naphtali came from Colorado Springs, CO to hang out with us for a while.

The cousins all had a blast playing together and comiserating over school work together (as Celeste also does class online through a similar program to Connections Academy). I was glad to not have to be a big "meanie" and make my kids miss out on anything because of school...instead, they all missed out together! (just kidding!)

The weather was very warm most of the time they were here and we took the opportunity to refresh ourselves in the river one day. We packed up some lovely salmon dip, chips and homemade salsa (made with tomatoes fresh from our own garden! YUM!) and some drinks and enjoyed the end of a hot day at our new favorite swimming hole. (I made a little slide show about it with a new program I am trying out. I posted it here for you to see.)

After saying our goodbyes to Grandma and Grandpa, the rest of us took off in a caravan over the pass to see the other Millers on their organic farm. Uncle Tom and Aunt Kathi were thrilled to have us all there and we laughed and talked a long while. The kids had a BLAST running everywhere and checking out the new tiny piglets, chickens, turkeys, horses, cows and a dog or two. It was a city kid's playground! (I'll post another slide show of that fun too.)

Well, I'd better get on it. Not a whole lot of time to mess around on here anymore with school taking up so much time. We are working on establishing a routine and finding a workable schedule. We will get it down yet! Keep praying for us, though!

Love to you all.

A wonderful end to a hot day...

Cooling off at the River
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Blackberry Harvesting of our favorite summertime things is picking blackberries and we did that in abundance this year. After all the picking, washing, freezing and bagging were done, we had about 5 gallons stockpiled in our chest freezer! There was, of course, a blessing in mind for those wonderful berries. We knew Grandma and Grandpa were coming down from Alaska in September and we also knew how they loved blackberries, so we were picking and bagging as many as we could so we could send them home with a bunch. Little did we know that they would show up here with a cooler full of Alaskan salmon and halibut for us! It was like an old fashioned native trade. Fish for berries. Wonderful! A blessing both ways.