Monday, November 30, 2009

Red Rubber Boots...........

This morning as I was helping everyone get ready for school I paused to watch Zeb as he put on his red rubber rain boots. I was struck with the sudden realization that it wouldn't be long before the days of his red boots would end...not because they had worn out, but because he would choose to wear them less in favor of more stylish or "cool" sneakers. It is bound to happen I suppose. I mean, how many teenage boys do you know who wear rubber boots?

How many years have rubber rain boots been standard gear in our lives? All of my little ones wore them from their toddler years until they were in about 1st grade. I have several pictures of 3 and 4 year olds clad only in a diaper and boots. That's more than 10 years of rubber boot cuteness! I'm not sure if I'm ready for it to end.

Zeb is growing so much everyday. I understand why women want to baby their youngest children. It's hard to believe that he's my littlest guy and to realize that all these milestones he's reaching, like growing out of his boots, will be the last time I will get to witness it in my children's lives until they have children of their own. It's a beautiful and sad thing all at once.

My kids are growing up. I remember the days when I thought diapers would NEVER end. That day seems eons ago from this one. Zeb is turning 6 this year. Six! That's almost 7 ... which is almost 10 ... which is almost............! ugh. Am I ready for this? Well, I'm sure I'll adjust to having big kids eventually, but I think I'll keep those boots tucked away in the closet when Zeb is done with them. They will wait there until there's another little toddler in my life who will love red rubber rain boots as much as I do.

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